Friday, November 30, 2007

From The Mouth of Children

Or child-like adults at least. After watching the Leafs' triumph over the Thrashers I sat down to watch Sportsdesk (yes, I still call it Sportsdesk) to catch the highlights. After a comprehensive review the show moved on to the senators highlights and I got to see one of the better finishes I could have hoped to see.

Now, the show shifted to the interviews and a forlorn looking Giggles was asked about the game. He tried to speak with the appropriate demeanour and you could almost see the giggle-muscles twitching but he blew it once he spoke (this is paraphrased except for the last line which is word for unbelievable word):
That's not like us. We don't give up six goals. We don't make giveaways like that. It's out of our characteristic.
I swear on all that is holy that those words came out of that empty-headed twit's mouth.

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