Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The BoO Pre-Game Show!

GAME #3.

Toronto (6-6-3) at Ottawa (12-1-0)
7:30pm, Sportsnet (Ontario and East).

Damien Cox kicks it off with a blast at Sens fans:

"Now, we media types in the GTA have hammered the locals early and often this season, but at a certain point the burgeoning arrogance of the hockey faithful in Bytown – many of whom have clearly mastered email – starts to grate.

One might think they'd wait until the first Stanley Cup banner goes up at the place-your-corporate-name-here rink before losing their humble demeanour, but that's not the case."

ANY HOO... The Leafs will dress Mark Bell and Kyle Wellwood for the first time this season. They will play on the 4th line with John Pohl. Wellwood should get some PP time, Bell will get some PK time.

Jason Spezza won't be in the line-up tonight. Leaf fans would probably prefer if Heatley was the one on the IR right now since he's been a Leaf killer ever since he arrived in Kanata.

Cancel those dates, clear that work off your desk - this ought to be a good one.

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