Friday, October 13, 2006

What's worse?

Losing a 1-0 game where you bang a couple off the post and otherwise get stymied by the Vezina trophy winner and one of the best defences in the league or cough up a 6-3 lead in third period and lose in the shootout?

Silver linings.

PS: Note to Peter Schaefer....
You've read that you're pretty good with the puck along the boards, have you? Well, when you get creamed on the boards in the offensive zone, don't stand around looking for a call, slowly go back into your end, and then try again to show your mastery of board work when you could have got the puck out. It ended up resulting in the only goal of the game.

PPS: Note to Denis Hamel and Volchenkov
Denis - you got creamed by Phaneuf! Holy shit! Anton - remember when you used to be in proper position to hit guys like that? We used to call you the A-Train.

PPPS: Note to Almonte....
Retire already. You're terrible.

PPPPS: Note to Tanguay....
Did you play last night? I saw a guy wearing number 40 but it couldn't have been you. 0 shots. 0 hits. 9 min of ice time.

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