Friday, October 06, 2006

Right on cue

You knew it would be Brennan or Garrioch that would write something like this:
Think maybe John Muckler should have went after Andrew Raycroft instead of Gerber in the offseason? He would have been able to keep Zdeno Chara had he done so.

Let's do the math. Gerber - Raycroft = 1.7 million. Chara - 1.7 million = 5.8 million. I don't get it. Did we sign somebody for 5.8 million to replace Chara?

On the back end Corvo is at 2.6 and Preissing is 0.9 and they are replacing Chara and Pothier. McAmmond was signed for 0.75. The rest of the cap room when to resign guys and we are at 41 million.

The conclusion which we already knew - Brennan is an idiot.

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