Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Anyone found good video of the Kilger spear on Schubert? Or, in McCreary's view, the Kilger roughing of Schubert? TSN's report from John Lu has a far away view.

UPDATE: Some more info and insight into McCreary's thinking - obviously he didn't see what happened at the time....
The Senators also weren't impressed with Kilger, who speared Schubert in the groin after the Ottawa defenceman tripped the Leafs winger.
"I didn't really trip him on purpose, I've got to be honest. I was falling down and next thing I see, I just got a stick in my two lovely friends," said Schubert, whose account of the incident made reporters burst out in laughter.
"I don't know what made (Kilger) so upset to spear me. If I get a chance tomorrow to ask him, I'd want to know why he would do it, but it's fine with me. I'm all OK. I'm not hurt or anything, but it's just interesting for me what's sometimes going on in other guys' heads."
Kilger received a minor for roughing on the play. Schubert received two minutes for tripping and a lecture from referee Bill McCreary.
"(McCreary) was yelling at me that I should get up and stop being an actor," Schubert said. "But he apologized in the third period."

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