Thursday, September 29, 2005

The New Defense

Posted by The Meatriarchy

Watching the Sens-Sabres game last night on The NHL Network I was struck by a new tactic being employed by players who are, no doubt, terrified to make any physical contact with an opponent for fear he fall down and a penalty be assessed.

Players now stay close to the man they are covering and at the last minute try to lift his stick just as the puck is coming his way.

In the new obstruction free NHL this may become the only thing defensemen can do in front of their own net now that they aren't permitted to clobber a guy who is standing in front awaiting the puck.

I would imagine that Brad Park who was famous for his "play the man" style and who authored a book under the same name would be somewhat chagrined at this turn of events.

I guess in the new league "stickwork" will take on a whole new meaning.

Sidenote: who is the announcer who calls the Buffalo games on MSG? He is worse than Jiggs McDonald. If the NHL is serious about getting fans in America they really have to up the quality of their broadcasters. I always feel like I am watching a Junior A game when I see an American network broadcast hockey.


  1. The big thing they're cracking down on in front of the net is the little crosschecks to the back. You can still get infront of your guy and make it a living hell for him by lifting his stick which all players should be taught at Minor Hockey (Kids).

    I like the rule changes and should make the league play a lot like it was in the 80's and Early 90's.

  2. You don't like Mr. "Scratch-My-Back With-A Hacksaw", Meat? I admit I've never listened to a whole Sabres broadcast, but I always found that guy entertaining on the highlight shows (for example, Mario getting by a D 1-on-1: "He beat him like a rented mule!" Or maybe it was a red-headed stepchild).