Thursday, September 29, 2005

"Anna Kournikova" + "Senators Jersey"

(pic found via our friend Chris at Hockey Country)

Hey, I got us a Sitemeter, now let's get that thing purring like a kitten.

Oh, and uh the Sens are like, 5-0 and Spezza, Heatley and Bochenski have a sickening 28 points between the three of them. Yes, Leaf Fan, playoffs aren't until April, but this blog was not set up to lay dormant for seven months while these boys light it up.


  1. can i remind you its only the preseason, don't start throwing around the confetti, it's a long season.
    i'll make sure to visit often.

  2. Oh the Sens dans are becoming more and more like Leafs fans. Planning the parade before the season starts, talking up their big players like their the next gretzky & Lemieux's.

    Let em do it it'll just make that fall even bigger when they get put out by the Leafs or Penguins first round!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    The Sens team is starting to look like the Leafs also. They both have goalies that are old and Injury Prone. The both have a couple of tough guy's that are a bit on the stupid side. They both have a talented Swedish Captain that doesn't speak much and flounders in the playoffs. They both have some good canadian forwards.

    Is there a conspiracy in the Sens thinking that they're moving to a more Leafs style of game??

  3. PS.: Anna is HOT!! I say make her a Assitant Coach and put her in a Bikini behind the bench!

  4. No.. make her an alternate captain so we could all see where she put's the "A"! ;)