Monday, February 28, 2011


A mix of opinion out there on the 3yr NMC, 9.25mil deal. I heard Phillips saying that he didn't view himself as signing a final contract with this - that he's not in a Ray Bourque situation where if he wants a cup he needs to move.

Nice to hear him think that way and I hope his play backs that up.

I've seen on some stats blogs where they say average teams spend on average 5.3% of the cap hit on their defenceman. That's very much in line with what Phillips signed.

Who is under contract for next year:
Campoli (RFA)
Rundblad (signed entry deal)
Cowen (signed entry deal)

Rundblad will be on the everyday roster next fall so even assuming Cowen spends next year in Bingo you've got to move at least one but likely 2 of Kuba/Lee/Campoli/Gonchar/Carkner. I've put them in order of my preference to jettison.

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