Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Denny's, with Love.

I don't usually eat a big breakfast during the week, but today I feel like celebrating.

Last night the Toronto Maple Leafs got me drunk both for real and figuratively. I laughed, I cheered... I may have even cried a little, and then I passed out on the couch.

Now here I sit with an American Slam breakfast in front of me on Jefferson Blvd in Los Angeles, California, the first rainy day since I moved here five weeks ago pelting the windows around me. But I'm not bothered. Nothing could bother me right now. I had a big fat dose of hockey-fan crack last night. It's sunny and 75F for Leaf fans everywhere today.

What a game.

Phil Kessel versus the entire city of Boston? Chalk one up for Phil who not only scored two goals on the night breaking the Tyler Seguin curse, he also (gasp) threw around his body, fought his old poker buddies for every puck and rang one off the post that was so loud I'm sure its high-pitched scream is still ringing in Boston fans ears this morning as they gloom over the sports pages.

Tyler Seguin did sweet F all, which was icing on the clam cake.

And then there was Mikhail Grabovski versus Zdeno Chara, a night long battle that had me standing on the couch, 24oz Bud Light and Clamato in my hand (yes, they sell them pre-mixed here and they are as awesome as Grabovski). Zdeno laid two hits that probably should have knocked Grabbo out of the game if Grabovski was not the toughest son-of-a-bitch on our hockey team. Instead of curling up in a ball, he only went and scored the game winner with a deft snipe. I can recall the exact thought that went through my mind as he hit top shelf: "I want to kiss Cliff Fletcher for getting this guy for a 2nd round draft pick and I hope Habs fans feel a shitload of regret". Pay Cliff as a consultant for another 5 years and have him speak at conferences in Montreal about it.

Thomas Kaberle versus His New Team? Another thought as I was watching the game, "What happens if one of the Bruins forwards has the chance to run Kabby into the boards hard, do they do it"? This "potential" trade now seems so real it has become surreal. Nonis and Chiarelli spent a good amount of time talking in the media hallway last night, but why do I even want this trade anymore? Is a pending UFA d-man going to fetch a top forward now when he couldn't last summer? I'd rather think about James Reimer's ridiculously poised presence in net and think Jonus who?

Yes, I'm blissful. I'm full stop in love with my team, even if it only lasts until mid-3rd against the Sabres in Buffalo tonight, down 3-0 and enduring another snooze fest in the armpit of America. Or wait, could my team provide me with two mornings like this in a row? Is it possible? Has it ever been done?

Speaking of done there goes the last of my eggs.

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