Thursday, November 11, 2010

Marlies starting to gain momentum

My office is next to the Toronto Island Airport and a few minutes before 11 we watched two relic fighter planes take off in formation heading somewhere to commemorate. Nice vantage point from my 6th floor office and a beautiful day added to an emotionally stirring moment.

After that cool moment, and our moment of silence, I turned back to my computer to see how the Marlies are doing on their epic 19 day road-trip. They've taken a possible 8 of their last available 10 points, and seems like things are starting to click as they rebound from a shitty start.

Rynnas got his first win of the season this week, and both Marlie goalies have very nice statistics. Rynnas a sparkling 2.11 GAA and 9.27. Reimer's numbers are almost as good.

Kadri set up D'Amigo for the game winner earlier in the week as the Leafs prized rookie now has 13 pts in 13 games. Since Zigamonis came back to the team, his line which includes Mueller and Crabb have combined for 12 points in 5 games.

Nice to see one MLSE team doing well lately.

Here is video of 3 fights from the Marlies vs Wolfpack. You can see Lashoff get beat up twice and Aulie absolutely mangle some guy half his size. I like the looks of this Aulie kid.

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