Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Would you or wouldn't you?

Inspired from a conversation with Anshu in another thread talking about the quick rebuild Philadelphia did a few years back, I have a question:

Does anybody think Murray should at least consider trying to refresh this roster this draft day and through the summer? This is a team that hasn't won a playoff series in three years, after all.

Lets face it, Danielle isn't getting any younger, Spezza seems to be falling short of expectations and Ottawa do indeed have some very attractive pieces for any team with cup aspirations (Fisher, Phillips, etc). That's a group of players who really could get Ottawa younger and cheaper in a hurry (if the deals are there to make of course) and it would give Murray some cap space to go out and get some players he might covet (Kovulchuk?), while adding some cost efficient young players to go along with Michalek and Karlsson and Cowen. Ottawa could be vastly different in a very short period of time.

I for one would do it. Ottawa had a real nice stretch in the regular season (was it 11 wins in a row), but otherwise they were a very average team. In fact had they went 7-4 over that 11-0 stretch, they would have missed the playoffs. How represented by their record are Ottawa, really? How confident are Sens fans that bringing back essentially the same team is the way to go?

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