Thursday, May 06, 2010

What about Marty Turco?

Lots of talk about offer sheets to Montreal goalies. Got me thinking. What about some of the UFA goalies out there, or the defenceman and forwards available? Both the Leafs and Sens will be actively going after at least some players on this list.

Who do you want?

I could see the Leafs looking at a guy like Tyler Pyatt perhaps? Or Aaron Asham. Frolov?

Back to the Turco thing, do the Sens need a big time UFA goalie or just a solid veteran guy to come in and solidify the position while Leclaire or Elliott decide who is the guy?


Remember when Mikael Grabovski and Sergei Kostitsyn had their feud and everyone was saying Grabovski is trouble in the dressing room and everybody hates him in Montreal and the Leafs were fools for trading for him?

Perhaps it wasn't Grabovski after all?

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