Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fun with math? Fun with facts!

A previous posting had Muppet saying this of his Leafs:

"[They have] become almost unbeatable"

Ok.  Unbeatable by whom?

DJ, over at Stats-Я-Us is fond of attempts to contextualize data that doesn't favour his loyalties,  Student T, ek chai and Weibull be damned!  Well, it's time for us over here at the BoO to contextualize the 'unstoppable' Toronto Maple Leafs March, '10. Volume 443.    Let's have a look at the post-Olympics streak. We won't count last night because, well, 4-1 to the 11th placed team will mess up our numbers, right?

Win 1:  2-1 over Ottawa.  Context:  Including the last two wins,  the Sens are 3-6-1 in the last 10.  Everyone was beating Ottawa.  

Win 2:  4-3 SO win over Boston.  Context:  Including the last two wins,  the Bruins are 5-4-1 in the last 10.  Mediocre team.

Win 3:   4-3 OT over Tampa.  Context:  Tampa.  That's all you need to know. (3-6-1 in the last 10)

Win 4:  6-4 win over Edmonton.  Context:  Edmonton has shit the bed the entire season. Nothing has changed.  And yet Toronto still needed to score 5 goals to win.

Win 5: 4-1 win over Ottawa.  Contextsupra.

Win 6:  2-1 win over Jersey.  Context:  Ok, these guys are 2nd in the Conference.  This'd be a somewhat respectable win if not for the sub 0.500 performance if you don't account for the last win.

Win 7:  3-2 SO win over Montreal.  Context:  Hey! Montreal is 7-2-1!  A "solid" (I'm snickering hard here) win decided by shooters.  How Euro-posh.  Hm.  And then the Habs go get beat 2-0 by "abysmal" Ottawa.  

Throw in a couple of losses against the likes of Carolina (5-1: 4-4-2, 69 pts), Philly (3-1: 4-5-1, currently in 3 game slide), NYI (4-1; 4-4-2, 68 pts!) and now FLA and man, it's impressive what they've accomplished with so little on the line.

So feel good about your 5th edition of the late-season streak Leaf fans.     I'm looking forward to next year's edition where Muppet will be cussing a blue streak about the $150 he's destined to lose.

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