Thursday, November 19, 2009

Post-game wrap-up

First up:  Penguins @ Senators

Yoda put his bet in at 5-1 Pens.  Game ends 6-2 Sens.  You almost had it Yoda, but for the typo and the fat finger!

So the Sens beat the Stanley Cup champs (with Crosby, Malkin & Fleury).  Can you Leafers spin that somehow to show the Sens were lucky?  They outplayed Pittsburg throughout.  Leclaire with his mandatory weak goal, but stands tall the rest of the game.

Phillips with 2 goals, Fisher with 3 pts,  Carkner with a goal and a +3,  and the proof-of-payment for the Michalek/Heatley trade scores as I type this.    Secondary scoring issues?  No more!  

Oh, and Neil doesn't take on skilled fighter?  He had something to say about that by drawing Eric Goddard, 3" bigger and 15 lbs heavier.  Coward my ass.

Next up:  Toronto @ Carolina

Melt                  down

Melt          down

Melt   down

Meltdown! Meltdown! Meltdown! Meltdowwwwwwn!

LOLZ to last the night.  I need to keep the fridge full of beer.

At least they got a point!

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