Monday, April 27, 2009

Random Playoff Thoughts

Ho-hum. How's the off-season so far?

1. Who's your favourite ex-Sen (or Leaf) in the running? While Chara and Havlat are sentimental favorites (F.Y.M.), let's not forget former Black/Red/Gold wearers Sami "The Flamingo" Salo and Brooks "Peter Bondra and a bag 'o pucks" Laich.

2. The Sharks need to go down in order to seriously shake up the office pool dynamics. Everyone and their dog loaded up on Bruins in the east, and the west seems to be the only real gamble. I am impressed by the hockey pool neophytes who picked alphabetically and are doing quite well while Anaheim hang in there.

3. There are many truly irritating commercials, but the Air Canada finger painting/singing children one is perhaps the most irritating of all.

4. I'm kind of hoping Pittsburgh goes deep only because I'm guaranteed to be entertained by The Pens Blog.

5. I still love CHRIS Cuthbert's high PITCHED vocal INFLECTIONS!

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