Thursday, April 09, 2009

Muppet vs. Muppet

So, one game left, against the Sens. Where you watching the game?

Sadly I'm not. Off to NYC this weekend. Mrs Muppet slid that one by me. Next season the schedule goes on the fridge so we get no more conflicts like this.

Ok, well before you hit YYZ, what do you make of this Hanson kid?

Not that impressed so far. He doesn't seem to use his size and he stops skating in his own end looking pretty lost. The two points in two games is nice, but he's Ponikorovsky at best. The jury is out.

He probably hasn't learned the system yet. Give him time.

This is a rebuild. Filling the team with prospects is great and all, but unless we add players who can find a higher level and surprise, it will be a team full of unremarkable players. We need a gem from this crop of kids. One of them needs to get to a Carter or a Boyes level. And fast.

Ok. Onto the standings. April 14th is the draft lottery, only the top 5 have a shot at #1. Are we going to make it?

For Toronto to get the 5th pick we need to lose Saturday, Phoenix would have to win two straight (against SJ and ANA), and LA needs to win one game against San Jose or Vancouver. I think we'll pick 6th at best.

And 6th is where Brayden Schenn is currently projected to go. Do you bring Luke's brother onto the team, or would that just be weird?

Brayden is a solid player. You go for the best player and if we pick 6th he might be it. The brother thing is secondary.

Well, it's 10:15am and you need to get some work done. Any parting words about the game Saturday?

Sens suck.

To the point. I like that.

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