Monday, July 14, 2008

This Just In: sens' prospects stink

Hey! I know you've all missed me lately but I am back from living the high-life on someone else's dime. I decided to catch up on NHL news over the weekend and finally made it to Erin's site and found a nice surprise:

As for the Sens' development camp -- I don't know what some of the other bloggers/media were watching, but if I were Bryan Murray, I'd be extremely concerned. Yesterday's 3-on-3 tournament provided very little encouragement from the farm. Typically, you can see a difference in skill between potential AHL call-ups/signed free agents who have a shot at making the team, and the rest of the prospects. That wasn't the case on Monday. We saw very little out of Cody Bass, Nick Foligno and Jesse Winchester -- Foligno has filled out nicely, but still screams "third-liner at best". Winchester's conditioning is extremely suspect -- we caught him on multiple occasions panting for breath while crouched over on both knees. This year's No. 1 pick, Erik Karlsson, also seemed to be struggling with similar issues. Perhaps Ian Mendes filled him up with too many meatballs.

Also worthy of note: Karlsson has the Spezza disease. He likes to skate with his head down, particularly in the defensive zone. Given that the kid is a blueliner, you can imagine how many times we saw him doing this.

So while the Leafers here can look forward to Nikolai Kulemin becoming a superstar and Luke Schenn destroying Giggles for the next decade sens can look forward to a bunch of "third liners at best". The world is upside down.

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