Friday, July 04, 2008

And which side are you on?

If Murray fails at landing Tampa Bay defensemen Dan Boyle, then he is telling the fans in this city that the Senators are starting a rebuilding stage for this team. After Boyle is off the trade market there isn't alot of desirable talent available that could make an impact for this Sens team which sorely needs it.

Instead of griping about Murray's perceived tentativeness, they should be applauding him for not allowing the team to be burdened by huge no-trade contracts like their Ontario cousins down Highway 7.
Boyle might be a tempting presence on the power-play but the Senators would be stuck with his no-trade clause that will follow him from Tampa Bay. Six years of a no-trade clause is nothing but a disaster waiting to happen, especially for an athlete who is already 30 years old and has had only two really good seasons in the league.

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