Saturday, June 28, 2008

Cut the Sh*t Bryan McCabe

What is your bloody problem?

If you're reading this, maybe a fans perspective will get through that obviously thickening-by-the-second head of yours?

I'm sure I speak for so many when I ask why on God's earth won't you waive your no-trade clause with the Leafs to move on and take zero pay cut and play the game you love in another NHL city of YOUR CHOICE? My God, you will be making what most people reading this blog will never make in their lifetime, in each of the next three seasons, no matter where you play.

What possible good can come of you holding out?

What could possibly be your motivation?

You were signed to a lucrative deal and you've done nothing but fail in your part of the bargain. You have played terribly, the team has failed miserably and three straight years with no playoffs can be partially laid on your shoulders, a supposed leader being paid leader-type money who simply and utterly didn't deliver.

Now you have the nerve to cross your arms and demand a buyout so you can make millions more from a team you never really helped and go on buying shiny cars and sending generations of McCabe's down easy street, instead of just being a multi-millionaire playing on a team not called the Toronto Maple Leafs?

“Knowing when to leave may be the smartest thing anyone can learn.”
-Burt Bacharach

Seriously Bryan, give us a fucking break.

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