Sunday, February 25, 2007

The BoO Oscars

In the spirit of the Academy awards, I think it's a good time to hand out some awards of our own for the blog.

Here are mine:

AWARD FOR BEST COMEDY: This one goes to Duff. I have no idea what you look like or how old you are, but when I read your posts I always imagine you have a voice just like that kid with the upside-down face on Family Guy.

BEST ACTOR IN ROLE OF A LEAFS FAN: This goes to you Yoda, the Pittsburgh fan who came to BoO and cheers for the good guys.

BEST SUPPORTING ROLE USING AN EMOTICON: GeeIwonder. Your cruel one liners about the Leafs followed up by a smiling bubble happy face really mess with my emotions.

BEST ACTOR: This goes to PPP. In recent times he's really opened up to the Sens and even cheered for them against teams the Leafs are chasing. Now that's acting brother!

BEST ACTRESS: This goes to symbiont1. Her work in the saddest mini series of the year: "I'm a Bruins Fan", has touched many hearts.

BEST MUSICAL: For his masterpiece, THE BON JOVI "BoO" SONG, this one goes to Don. Many a tear rolled down the cheek of a blogger that day.

BEST WALK-ON ACTION ROLE: Five-O. We don't know where you go on those long stretches, but you come back with a vengeance every time.

BEST AWARD ACCEPTANCE VIA SATELLITE FEED: This one goes to Conrad for being a Leafs fan in Vancouver. I've been there, it's tough. Although the 4pm Saturday HNIC Leaf games are nice.

To the best of my knowledge, DC in YOW wins the award for most comments in a single post with 30+ in this one alone. He always has something good to say.

AWARD FOR BEST DRAMA: The Muppet and THM for their roles in "Emery's Mask": a story about boxers, airbrushing, and woman's rights.

Indrew. For about a month I actually thought you were a Leafs fan.

Jay Jardine. He started the best blog about the best hockey rivalry, and he looks a little like Sydney Crosby. Not a bad combo.

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