Thursday, February 15, 2007

Beware of Falling Habs Fans!

The Leafs look to leap over the Habs and into eighth place in the Eastern Conference with a win in their game tonight in Philadelphia. John Pohl will return to the lineup after missing two games with back spasms. The thought of the Leafs passing the Habs tonight has the denizens of the internet's best unintentionally funny website up in arms:
I’M SAYING GET RID OF THE POPCORN SHRIMP,it’s enough guy’s. Our D is to small too and it’s cost us hasn’t it ? I for one am really tired of the Habs being pushed around like ragdolls ,which really shows when we play teams like the “1967 stanley cup champions” laffs.That’s one big reason why the Habs SUCK so badly and as the other team go to the finals ,thier going to mop the ice with the habs.Look,we can’t even win a fight and putting Niinimaa as a foward last nite showed me ,we are so fucked.I am embarrassed for all of us that the Habs is our team, truth is we are the laughing stock of Hockey and heads have too roll !!!
Awesome. All the hallmarks of a great post: lots of exclamation points, caps lock, and only a passing awareness of the rules of spelling and grammar. I wonder what they will say if the Leafs win.

Leafs 5
Flyers 2

Other games of interest:
Bruins over the Islanders
Sabres over Oilers
Rangers over Hurricanes
Capitals over Lightning
Coyotes over Ducks
Flames over Avalanche

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