Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Possible Replacements for Lindy Ruff.

Looks like Buffalo have a coaching vacancy to fill this summer.
Here are a few former Battle of Ontario coaches available for consideration:

He's Canadian, but he can be American too. Just ask Don Cherry. While Ron wasn't able to find any  success in Toronto, he is one of the winningest coaches in NHL history to never really win anything. This should help him fit into Ruff's office seamlessly.
Where to find him: In a foxhole with Brian Burke.

Things started out well for John in 2007/2008, with the Sens winning 15 of their first 17 games. He would go on to coach the all-star team for having the best record in the east, only to be fired exactly a month later for a string of poor games. For Buffalo readers, the all-star game is that thing Ryan Miller used to attend.
Where to find him: Assistant GM office in Philly on his phone playing Words with Friends.

Jacques only needs 8 more coaching wins to pass Bryan Murray on the all-time wins list. Which is right around how many wins Buffalo are projected to get the remainder of the season.
Where to find him: Running the "Jacques Martin Hockey School for Kids 7-17" where Buffalo's next three high first round picks could be training as we speak.

Has coached an early expansion era team (4, in fact). Check. He's won the Jack Adams. Check. And in Toronto he was fired by a stupid front office person who had overspent on mediocre talent. Check. I think this is your man.
Where to find him: Probably in a god-damned cigar shop in Yaletown... Sorry, that's all the info his wife would give me on the phone. 


  1. I think Jacques Martin is under-rated. Sure his system leads to boring hockey, but on a team with as weak a team defence as Buffalo, he might actually be able to help.

  2. If you go Martin you'll get stability and probably some wins. In other words, what Ruff was giving them until recently.

    But I think they will go more flamboyant. If Tortorella gets fired in New York I could see him in Buffalo the next day.