Monday, August 08, 2011

Kovalev's parting shots.

Ten million bucks doesn't buy you much in the NHL these days. Especially if you spent that money on Alexei Kovalev.
The Russian contributed next to nothing for Ottawa over two seasons on the ice. Fine. He was old and should have never been signed. That's on Ottawa. But now, months after being traded from Ottawa and on the verge of playing in the KHL, he still takes the time out of his day to bad-mouth the franchise.

"In two seasons I still couldn't understand the ideas of our coach Cory Clouston," Kovalev told Sovetsky Sport in an article translated by Dmitry Chesnokov of Yahoo! Sports.

That's the nice part. Wait to you see what he says about the media out there in Kanata.

Read the full story here on TSN.

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