Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To answer Muppet's question:


Lest I be accused of treason, here's my case:

1. Vancouver. The end.
For the daft readers of this site (welcome, PPP fans!) who can't contemplate #1 here are a few other reasons:

2. Chris Kelly. Kelly was one of the top working players for the Senators. Occasionally flashy, he was a solid all-round contributor who never took a night off. He deserves some solid recognition via a silver chalice above his head.
3. The guy needs to be rewarded for having to suffer for so long in Toronto and finally made a wise decision. Fuck you Wilson!
4. Tim Thomas isn't a bitch. Virtually a walk-on goalie, he has never complained or been deemed the greatest. Yet he is. Also, he doesn't have greasy hair.
5. Boston girls are not prissy (trust me). Vancouver men are. A drunken Bostonian lass can cuss like the best sailor out there and in that crazy accent, it's just incredibly hot.

Of course, this is severely premature and i'm hoping I haven't jinxed them. If so, there will be a Tampa post to follow :)

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