Friday, April 15, 2011

Murray knows what he likes...

Bald goalies with similar career stats?

Martin Gerber: 9.11, 2.63
Craig Anderson: 9.13, 2.78

THM's post yesterday, according to his comments is a retaliation at Leaf fans because we love James Reimer too much for him. Allegedly, this is no different than the upside we saw in Toskala and Gustavsson.

Lets just remember, Ottawa, that Pascal Leclaire and Ray Emery were in the recent past glamorized to sickening heights by you. Lets call this a symptom of the sickness we all share, called fandom.

Lets also keep in mind that while Toronto and Ottawa have both had their fair share of pitiful netminders in recent seasons, Ottawa are the only ones still paying one of these former stiffs. Ray Emery is blinging out his Escalade on your hard earned money for another whole season!

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