Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Thank You Ottawa. Screw you Toronto.

Toronto got the point. New Jersey and Buffalo didn't. In the end, that might be all that matters from last night.

Right now though, as a Leaf fan, I'm stomping mad about how my team played against the Isles.

Wilson already hammered on the top forwards this morning. That is good. But not good enough. We are talking about an entire hockey team that chose to play on the outside, abandon their puck pursuit game and leave their d-men to fend for themselves in the Toronto zone. It's called puck support. It's what got you here.

Smarten the hell up Leafs. You didn't deserve to be anywhere near overtime in that game. It was a bad a loss as I've seen from this team, forget the score. Maybe the gas is running out? Maybe the effects of losing Kabby and Beauchemin is starting to show on the blueline. Maybe this team is still so young and frail that Saturday's loss to a much superior team has damaged their ego's.

All I can say is that if we see any more play like last night this run is over. I think Leaf fans can deal with finishing short of a playoff spot and we pretty much expect it. What we will no longer put up with is efforts like last night.

Get your sh*t together by Thursday.

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