Saturday, August 21, 2010

Proof that Kabby and Wilson have some issues...

Kaberle's father over in the Czech spilled some insight into Kaberle's feelings about this whole trade circus and his relationship with Ron Wilson.

You can read an edited version of the story here.

I read the raw story and what's missing from the sportsnet version is that when Kabby's Dad said "players don't want to come to Toronto", he goes on to say it's because the fans and media put too much pressure on these guys.

Take it for what you will.

Kaberle clearly has some issues with Wilson. Apparently Thomas did not like being criticized for his defensive game last season. I personally don't agree with coaches and management who call out players publicly because it seems to always cause a ruckus, but they continue to do it in every sport at every level. Clearly somebody thinks it's a strategy with some value. Maybe it does work sometimes. I know last season Kessel got some heat from the coaching staff and down the stretch he played with more urgency and even a little piss and vinegar.

Back to the trade part of all of this, clearly Kabby will waive his NTC during the season which means Burke might have a trade and sign option at some point. Frankly, this is better for the Leafs who will be more likely to get max value for the player. Only problem is, how much of a distraction does this become if the media continue to get a hold of trade discussions between GM's?

I think I speak for everybody when I say I can't wait for training camp. It will be nice to talk about actual hockey that happens on the ice and pay some attention to some of the other 47 or so players in the Leafs system and on the team at camp.

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