Tuesday, July 27, 2010

You know it's almost August when...

1. Eklund starts posting rumour charts from his vacation home which makes us all hate him a little more because he's actually making money off this crap.

2. Gary Bettman is fighting somebody in court who is trying to screw the league over in some fashion.

3. Mike Fisher knocks on your front door collecting for his church. If you don't donate he makes you listen to one of his girlfriends songs.

4. Dion Phaneuf starts to cut down to a pack a day knowing training camp is just around the corner.

5. Vesa Toskala hasn't allowed a face palm inducing goal for over a week.

6. Somewhere in Ottawa a Daniel Alfredsson mannequin is being driven around in the passenger seat of a car so that Ottawa fans spot it and think the guy actually lives there in the off-season.

7. They announce ticket sales to the Leafs/Pens/Sens rookie tournament in September and you think "I'm going to go this year" and then of course you don't.

8. The Jays are mathematically eliminated from the post-season.

9. Ron Wilson's skin irritations clear up and Howard Berger takes his summer leave from reporting. There is no connection.

10. Bloggers start doing pointless lists because absolutely nothing is happening in the NHL...

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