Sunday, September 20, 2009

Random Leaf V.1

Kadri centering a line of Kessel and Kulemin might be pretty sweet coming out of next years camp. Sadly, some punter nicknames the line based on the first letters of their name and is promptly beat up at the bar.

How long before Komiserek and Beauchemin fight in practice? The reason? Who gets to play with Thomas Kaberle. After tonights game, me thinks Beauchemin could have a giant year with Kabby. Komi and Schenn as the second pairing - done!

Sitting at the bar tonight sipping a well deserved beer after my own hockey game, a teammate who despises the Leafs (he's a big Oil fan), said the first kind words about Toronto in the 5 years I've known him. "What's not to like", he said. Then I get home and find Conrad's positive words, and it dawns on me - if other fans opinions are the gauge, the Leafs are getting somewhere.

How many highlight reel goals does Nik Hagman have to score before he gets some proper respect? Glove tap to Cliff Fletcher for signing this guy.

Anyone else notice how skilled Kadri seems to be in the faceoff circle? It's the little things. I hope he has a great season in London, wins a gold medal over Christmas, and comes back next September 15 pounds heavier. He'll be feeding Kessel passes before we know it.

Colton Orr kicked the absolute crap out of Riley Cote tonight. When the camera scanned the Leafs bench during the fight the entire team was standing with grins ear to ear, and when he got out of the box later he came back to a ton of appreciation from all his teammates. Whoever says scrappers need to be removed from the game need to see that footage.

Ottawa won tonight. Finally. Also noticed that it's Alfredsson and Kovalev sharing the spotlight on the Sens website. Kovalev? What has happened to Jason Spezza? First off the Olympic list and now this?

One guy that could surprise and make the Leafs out of camp? Jason Rosehill.
One guy that could surprise by NOT making the Leafs out of camp? Jamal Mayers.
One guy who will wonder why he didn't make the team out of camp? Jason Allison. What a great set of hands. Shame about the feet.

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