Friday, December 19, 2008

Game Day: Who Farking Cares Edition

What to do when it's well below zero, the snow is piling up, you're bombarded by 24-7 Mats Burke / Brian Sundin coverage, and your estranged Eastern Ontario team, the lowest scoring one in the league, is taking on the [groan] Jersey Devils?

1. Watch last year's Don Cherry video. Number 19, the one chronicling The Run. If you don't mist up reliving Saprykin's Game 1 tap-in you have no soul.

2. Think of a West Coast appropriate posterboard slogan / visiting fan attire for December 28th. For example, instead of the traditional paper bag and eyeholes, try one of those organic eco-bags or a Lululemon leg warmer pulled across the face in order to conceal your identity. As for sloganeering, "TREVOR LINDEN HAS AIDS" will certainly get you stomped on in this town, and perhaps a more humble "SPEZZA FOR LUONGO???" sets the appropriate tone.

3. Drink lots of whiskey to keep warm. Plan to escape future winters by keeping your eye on the Cali/Arizona real estate markets, waiting for the bottom (the Kings and Coyotes should have powerhouse squads in fairly short order).

Sens 1, Devilszzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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