Saturday, February 02, 2008

Battle Game Night: Dristan Edition

Superbowl weekend inevitably brings me a head cold, and right now I'm one decongestant over the line. While listening in to "Live From Wayne Gretzy's" on the local radio today, Bryan Murray was one of the guests. In response to a question about what GM's do while up in the booth he explains that, in addition to drinking lots of coffee, he focusses exclusively on the good and bad aspects of his own team's players, although he mentioned that tonight he would be keeping a close eye on Mats Sundin. This got the host's attention, but Murray quickly dismissed any rumour-mongering by noting "he's always keeping an eye on the other team's best player". I'll certainly be thinking / hallucinating about the possibility of Sundin in a Sens jersey tonight. I'm beyond caring about who Murray deals with to bring this team another top-six forward, but if the Leafs could send Larry Murphy to the Wings or Russ Courtnall to the Habs, I couldn't completely rule out the notion of an inter-division swap with a hated rival.

Season series is 3-1 Senators, with all three wins by tonight's benchwarmer Marty Gerber. Alfie, Eaves, Bass, Heatley (and possibly Phillips) are out for the Sens, while Bell, Devereaux, Kilger, McCabe, Ponikorovsky and Steen are injured for the Leafs (in addition to the first of a three-game suspension for Antropov). Look for a disciplined 2-1 Sens victory (the absolutely lethal top line of Chris Kelly, Jason Spezza and Chris Neil combine for the pair).

Go Sens. Go Pats.

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