Friday, March 16, 2007


Tonight's game is on LeafsTV and not all of us are blessed with the channel or a provider that carries it or even with a residence in the Leafs region.

Here are two options for the frustrated fan that doesn't want to listen to the radio and use their imagination (how did people do it in the old days?):

LeafsTV Interactive - costs $4.19 and you can control your camera angles and the dashboard include a chatroom, a live blog, pictures, and a bunch of interesting features. This is what I am rocking tonight and so far it's great quality. The catch is that you have to be in the Leafs' region to be able to access it.

ChristTML - This site features SopCast and professes to show all of the Leafs games. I have never used the site but I have used SopCast to watch Liverpool games and it's usually pretty good. This can be accessed from any region in the world and it's free.

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