Thursday, September 29, 2005

Marchment Out?

Posted by The Meatriarchy
TSN is reporting that the Leafs have cut Bryan Marchment. However Howard Berger of The Fan 590 reports that Pat Quinn denied that was the case. We'll see who is correct.

Meantime Eklund says that the Leafs are trying to acquire a goalie and have talked to Buffalo (who is laden with talented netminders) because apparently they aren't happy with any of their backup options.

He is also reporting that the Leafs are talking to Boston about Boynton.

His posts aren't archived unless you pay so here is the gist of it:

I talked just now to a source in Toronto who said that the Leafs are very much in the market for a new goalie and have contacted Buffalo for Noronen. My source, who does not write a blog on this site, added, "I talked to someone inside the Leafs who told me to tell you that he would be shocked if the Goalie situation doesn`t change drastically by October 5th." They have also contacted Boston in regards to Boynton.


  1. Everything I've heard about Aubin and Racine's play was that they were solid, and even though he started poorly, Tellqvist got real good by the third period against the Sens and I thought played very well for that stretch, stopping a few breakaways.

    Do they know something about Belfour's back that they're not letting on about? He hasn't had a great pre-season, but I wouldn't think that alone would be a reason to shop.

  2. There were some rumours during the free agent frenzy that Toronto was shopping Belfour in order to sign a cheaper younger goalie.

    But I think Telly is the one on the chop here. At the same time if Telqvist didn't make the back up job there would be no problem in having Racine sit on the bench and watching Belfour play.

    However if there is concern about Belfour then that could be the motivation.

    At the same time having Toronto mentioned twice in one day as being involved in trade talks with divisional rivals seems a little suspect.

  3. I can't see Toronto making a move. They got some solid backups, JS Aubin, Racine, Tellqvist. I think thiose guy's are pretty good. Not much out there you can trade belfour for.